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North Peak Property Group is the real estate division of Seven on Seven, a full-service marketing agency. At Seven on Seven, we bring a wealth of experience in marketing, e-commerce, brand development, business development, sales, negotiation, web/graphic design, and social media to our North Peak Property Group clients.



Our team at Seven on Seven is extremely experienced in marketing, having worked with clients such as Fullips Lip Enhancers, SJ Lingerie, Crave Naturals, Attraction Lab, Russ Lyon International Reality, and Catapult Health our services have helped grow followings of over 300,000 people and over 4 million video views leading to multi-millions of dollars in sales.


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The Team

Shelby Haugen


REALTOR at HomeSmart, North Peak Property Group

CEO Seven on Seven Full-Service Marketing Agency

Shelby's unique background and strengths helped her build herself into a successful Realtor. Born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ with parents in real estate development, Shelby is familiar with the local lifestyle and real estate market. After graduating from Notre Dame Preparatory in North Scottsdale, she completed a marketing degree with high marks from Southern Methodist University, giving her a unique set of skills as a Realtor.


Shelby is an expert in promotions, sales, marketing, and negotiation with an international network of business connections. Shelby has a background in luxury real estate, online education, and business development, but thrives when leveraging her network to form creative collaborations.


Prior to starting the North Peak Property Group with HomeSmart, she was partnered with Tricia Cormie at Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty, in Scottsdale, Arizona from April 2015- May 2016. During this time, she brought in approximately $16.9MM worth of real estate listings to the team through her network. She managed and marketed approximately $22.7MM in listing inventory, and had a gross sales volume of approximately $12.6MM.


Shelby has the expertise needed to successfully market your listing, but she also brings a new innovative perspective to the real estate industry. She thrives on creating and implementing out of the box marketing strategies unique to your home and buyer demographic. Shelby has had exposure to various industries including architecture, interior design, and construction which help her to properly understand and explain the value of a home, its features, and the benefits these features bring to its residents.


She brings her passion for real estate and talents in marketing together to benefit her partnership with NPPG. She is dedicated to bringing clients a fresh perspective, experience, and high level of service.

Learn More about the Seven on Seven Team, here

Why Us

Cutting-Edge Marketing Solutions

At Seven on Seven, we pride ourselves on coming up with the most creative and innovative integrated marketing strategies! We use new technology and old psychological principles of influence to your advantage.


Each of our clients are unique, and so are their properties! We take marketing principles we know are successful and craft a new strategy for each client.

Metrics & Analytics

We stay up to date on the latest market trends, inventory, consumer behaviors, and marketing strategies. We constantly measure the success and results of our efforts so we can adjust and perfect each step of the promotional strategy.

Our Method

Phase 1: Discovery

Our team will meet with you to establish your business goals, mission, audience/ideal customer, branding, monetization, USP, story, etc and we feel we can help you achieve everything you are looking to accomplish.

Phase 2: Strategy Creation

We will then create an Integrated Promotional Strategy specific to your property.

While traditional marketing such as direct mailers have been useful in the past, digital and social media marketing is much more effective and cost efficient in modern times. Our strategies are always unique, innovative, and effective. We don't just rely on standard digital ads to help you sell your properties. We will design an integrated marketing experience for your prospects. From start to finish, we will be your promotional concierge service throughout this process.

The ultimate goal of our promotional strategy is usually getting prospects in touch with your Sales Reps/Realtors, so that they may personally sell the product to interested buyers. Our strategy is designed around making all social media and promotional efforts work together synergistically towards this goal.

Phase 3: Marketing Calendar

Building off the Integrated Promotional Strategy, our team will craft a very specific promotional calendar that will include all social media efforts (content creation and posting schedule), traditional marketing, events, etc.

Phase 4: Strategy Implementation

After we have solidified the strategy and created your calendar, you can implement it yourself, or we can begin managing all of your promotional efforts.

These services include:


Grand opening events are common practice by new homebuilders. Seven on Seven believes that these events are the perfect opportunity to make your social media and digital marketing efforts more relevant and effective.

Our event planning service include, sourcing influencers and local companies to partner with, vendors, a charity, activities, promoting the event through ads and social media, reaching out to news and media outlets about the event, and ensuring the event runs smoothly, with high attendance. We will also create video content to promote the event and feature the homes.

(Budget Required)


We will implement the content strategy/calendar we craft for you. This includes creating and scheduling your content, managing your pages, and running the appropriate ads to boost engagement or traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing is an amazing tool to drive traffic and increase sales when used effectively. Platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and even Instagram and YouTube can be effect in lead generation which is then converted into consumers.

Lead generation can be visualized as a funnel:

The funnel starts with building awareness. Letting people know you even exist. This is done through social media with great content and paid advertising. Lead generation through paid advertising can cost anywhere from $0.25 to $0.60 per lead (depending on how broad or narrow your targeted audience is). The content needs to be visually appealing and catch the attention of your ideal customer. For example, if your ideal customer is a 25-35 male looking to buy a home, you would want to target content that would interest them. Articles on why it is a good time to buy vs rent, etc. Photos that highlight the features available through your company. We also use events to create relevant content to your target buyer. The goal of lead generation is to drive them through the funnel and gain their interest. Effective content will catch their attention. Now they are interested in learning more about what is being offered. Collaborations with Influencers/Experts and through the press are also great ways to quickly raise awareness. Seven on Seven specializes in arranging creative collaborations that leverage existing social media platforms.

Social Media and paid advertising drive new leads to landing pages which exist on the website. These landing pages often have something to offer for free in exchange for the lead’s email address. A free e-book, a newsletter, anything of value that can be easily given in exchange for an email address. Landing pages also have more information to draw the leads in even more. Once a lead gives their email, they feel invested in the decision making process. They have given up something, similar to an ante in poker and they are now in the game.

Another tool extending from the landing page is the ability to use retargeting ads to help nurture these prospects into new clients. Often times, a person must see the value proposition seven times before they make the decision to purchase. Rarely does someone buy off a first look. Retargeting Ads are paid advertising that helps get paid advertising in front of the eyes of anyone who has visited the website and left. Retargeting Ads are a great way to keep the interest level going in new prospects.

The next level in the sales funnel is luring the prospects in with promotions. Discount codes, sales, free shipping are all examples of ways to entice a prospect into making the decision to move forward with their purchase. We use these same psychological principles when marketing your property.

The biggest tool available at this level is email marketing. Through the landing page and lead generation an email was captured. With email marketing you can continue to put sales messages, promotions, free trials, demoes, and any other value propositions in front of prospective clients to encourage them to take action.

Finally, the end goal of this funnel is to create sales. Whatever the end goal is of the business, all of these tools are used to make that decision making process as simple as possible. They all play on the subconscious mind to create the need for a lead to become a buyer.

Humans do not do anything unless they need it. With digital marketing, a need is created in the prospect’s mind. This need is then satisfied by steps later in the marketing funnel.

Our digital marketing service handles this entire process step by step and seeks to optimize each level to provide a higher ROI for each lead that enters the funnel. Cost of Acquisition is an important metric in determining profitability in any company, and we seek to return the lowest accusation cost possible.

Services include:

Marketing strategy for social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (if needed)

PR and Influencer outreach for collaborations

Optimizing paid advertising for lead generation on Google, Bing, and Facebook (Budget required)

Optimizing ads for Retargeting prospects (Budget Required)

Set up and creation of Email Marketing (Budget Required)

Monthly analytics reports


High quality content is very important in branding and catching the attention of new leads.

You can have a great marketing strategy, but its success depends on how well it is executed. Most businesses fail at social media because they cannot produce enough interesting, high-quality content to post with consistency.

Video is quickly becoming the top medium to attract new leads. Shorter attention spans have forced many marketers and advertisers to move to video as a means to maintain a leads attention longer. Still images can also be effective, but must be very strong visually and look professional.

Videos must be short (5-30 seconds), and very fast paced (quick cuts) to keep the viewers attention. Video can be a great way for potential clients to feel engaged and connect with a company.

Marketing is about creating an emotional connection. Video can build trust with the viewer, let them know you are accountable, and an expert. Remember that content is meant to catch the attention of an ideal customer. They want to know they can trust you, and that they are going to get good value for the money they spend on your product or service.

Should you need any video or content creation for social media, Seven on Seven is more than capable of doing all of this.

Our portfolio is available, here.

Content Creation Services include:

Video Production

Video Editing

Creating Content - Graphic Design (Images, Flyers, Graphics to post)

Curating Content for Social Media Channels. (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube)

Phase 5: Measure and Adjust

Although implementation will continue, we will monitor all metrics and make adjustments. Strategies may pivot along the way and we will update you regularly with communication and campaign analytics.







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